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A New Kind of Birthday Gift Emerges with Facebook’s Birthday Fundraiser Feature

A New Kind of Birthday Gift Emerges with Facebook’s Birthday Fundraiser Feature

Deciding what to get a friend for their birthday can be a difficult task. Facebook is looking to make that decision easier while also helping out thousands of nonprofit organizations.

The social media giant launched the birthday fundraiser feature last year in an effort to make peace with its users after news surfaced of a major data breach within the company. The highly-publicized debacle put nearly 87 million users’ data at risk after their personal information was shared with Cambridge Analytica, a data firm which previously worked with the Trump campaign.

After losing the trust of many who use their service, Facebook introduced the birthday fundraiser feature as a way to gain back that trust while also giving back to the community. The feature allows users to select an organization from a list of 750,000 approved nonprofits throughout the United States.

Users set a goal for their fundraiser and they can then share it with their friends. The fundraiser will pop up in their friends’ newsfeed whenever they share it. It also appears at the top of the users’ timeline until the fundraiser ends.

To sweeten the pot even further, Facebook announced on Tuesday, July 10 that it will donate $5 to every fundraiser created through the new feature. Their contribution will come from the Facebook Donations Fund, a fund the company said they planned on giving $50 million to in 2018.

There’s no word yet on how long the company plans on making the $5 donations for, but product manager Ian Alexander says they hope to contribute as much money as possible for as long as possible. Alexander further went on to say that the new birthday fundraising feature is one of the most popular features on its site.

Nonprofits like the Marine Mammal Center in California are pleased with the new fundraising feature, especially since Facebook got rid of fees for nonprofits in November. Now 100% of the money raised from the fundraising feature goes directly to the nonprofit organization.

While Facebook’s charitable efforts may be applauded by many, some users aren’t so easily won over by the birthday fundraising feature. The company still faces a steep uphill battle when it comes to gaining back the trust of users whose data was breached during the Cambridge Analytica fiasco.

Great Restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina

Great Restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is a popular location for tourists. The beautiful city is set on the coast, offering a lovely place to escape and enjoy the beauty of the area. Along with the amazing views, the area is home to incredible history and a host of delightful places to dine. If you are planning to visit the area, here are some of the top restaurants in Charleston.

Luz Place

For the past 15 years, this location has been delighting the locals with their incredible culinary delights. The food is unique, a twist on Philippine cuisine with an American southern flair due to the owner originating from Pampanga, a province in the Philippines. Luz, the owner, has a love for seafood and uses the restaurant’s close proximity to the harbor to her advantage to serve some of the freshest seafood around.

Mi Pequeno Hidalgo

This restaurant is small in size but big when it comes to flavor and portions. Mi Pequeno Hidalgo specializes in traditional Mexican food. Visitors can delight in traditional dishes like quesadillas, enchiladas, and tacos and even enjoy these popular dishes with a vegetarian twist.

H&R Sweet Shop and Soul Food

This restaurant is a local favorite. Often deemed a little “hole in the wall” location, they offer up a wide variety of traditional southern food, all made from scratch. Their menu includes pickled pig’s feet, fried pork chops, okra soup and rice and for those looking for something a little more traditional, burgers and fries.

East Cooper Disco

By night, this is a rocking club, but by day, it offers some incredible food the locals love. It specializes in traditional southern style food, and the fried pork chops with crab rice seem like one of the most popular dishes.

Caribbean Delight

This restaurant offers a delightful variety of treats that span from Latin, American and Dominican origins. Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, all meals packed with a ton of flavor. Some of the most popular dishes include coco bread, jerk pork and fried cabbage.

If you find yourself heading to the Charleston area, don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit some of these popular eateries. They are popular with both tourists and locals alike, and really live up to their wonderful reputations and reviews.

Why You Should Host a Blood Drive

Why You Should Host a Blood Drive

Every single day, The Red Cross and various local hospitals need to supply 32,000 pints of blood to patients across the US. From people who suffered tragedies like car crashes or shootings to those with chronic diseases like sickle cell anemia, the blood collected from donors at blood drives helps save lives every single day.

Organizations like The Red Cross rely heavily on blood donations from large-scale events rather than individual donors dropping by hospitals. From college organizations to corporations, big blood drives that draw in lots of people tend to do much more good for the blood banks and rally public support for helping treat illnesses and injuries. On average, only about 3% of Americans donate blood, but the need for blood is much much higher.

Synter decided to host a blood drive on June 6 and pledge to secure 20 pints of blood, meaning that at least 30 people need to volunteer to donate blood. If you’re interested in also hosting a blood drive at your company, here are some ways you can make the event as attractive and successful as possible!

Play up Community | Usually, blood donations go to help the very local surrounding hospitals. Whereas some donations and drives benefit people who are thousands of miles or oceans away, blood donations could help your neighbor, your friends’ children, or even you someday should something happen. Pitch the blood drive as a volunteer or community service activity to help drum up excitement and support.

Make it a Challenge | Synter Resource Group independently decided to commit to the Red Cross to donating 20 pints of blood, so now, we’re in a bit of a race to get other employees to donate, too! You can playfully pit departments against each other to see which can rally more team members to donate blood during the drive. You can also offer a company-wide prize if you make the goal of a certain number of pints. It’s amazing what people will when a pizza party is on the line!

Offer Nice Snacks | While donating blood is a very safe procedure, it can still cause some people to become lightheaded or faint. As a part of the incentives to get people to donate, you can offer cookies, crackers, pretzels, juices, and more for those who donate blood.

Tell Personal Stories | Nothing drives people to action quite like a personal connection to the cause. The Red Cross website has a number of videos showing kids whose lives were saved because of blood donations. You can also talk to your local Red Cross or Hospital and see if they have any compelling stories you can use to convince your employees to come out and donate.

Synter Resource Group Cares About Our Community

Synter Resource Group was founded to serve the Transportation Industry with a never-ending quest to build better processes. For over a decade, we have brought that same mindset to our community stewardship. Synter is proud to serve in key initiatives for some of the most pressing humanitarian issues of our time, and we never stop working toward a better future.

Synter Resource Group Highway Clean Up from Synter Resource Group on Vimeo.


We are always looking for opportunities to improve and preserve all of the great things about our community in historic Charleston, South Carolina.

At Synter Resource Group, we believe that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference. Our passionate staff has participated in all sorts of outreach projects. Some extend off-site to local schools, churches, or community buildings, while others take place right in our own office! No matter what, we aim to bring volunteer work to the forefront of our business and of our wonderful city, so that we can inspire others to get involved as well.

The concept of community has been woven into the fabric of Synter Resource Group since day one. We know that collaboration is crucial — and this sentiment rings just as true when it comes to building our own company culture. We have worked hard to create an inclusive, supportive, and downright exciting place for our staff to work and thrive. We also regularly organize events like employee cookouts, picnics, and outings.

Synter Resource Group is headquartered in a 28,000 square foot facility in Charleston, South Carolina. We are the largest business process outsourcing (BPO) company serving the transportation and logistics industry in North America. Synter was named as one of INC 5000’s Fastest Growing Small Businesses in 2012. We were also recognized in INC 5000’s Fastest Growing Small Businesses in 2016 (list pending) and in the South Carolina Top Workplaces 2017 program.

Organizations Synter has Partnered With:

  • United Way
  • Adopt-A-Highway
  • The Greater Charleston First Tee Organization
  • Adopt a Family Christmas campaign
  • Angel’s Touch
  • St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital