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As the days grow warmer and longer, some community-minded individuals may want to use their added daylight hours to do some good in their neighborhoods. Here are some ways you can harness the weather for the good of your community!

Volunteer at a kid’s program | With school being out for the summer, lots of programs, camps, and activities are meant to keep kids’ minds active and safe while parents are at work. Weekend camps or day camps can teach kids new outdoor skills and nature knowledge. Vacation Bible Schools offer moms a break while giving Churches an opportunity to welcome new young members. Organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters or the Girl or Boy Scouts are always looking for volunteers, especially in the summer, to help mentor kids while school is out.

Participate in an outdoor cleanup | When the weather is nice, it’s easier to do fun stuff outside and help keep nature clean and free of waste and trash. Synter Resource Group, for example, sponsors regular highway cleanup activities to help keep our community clean and litter-free. Local parks, woods, and community gardens offer similar activities that always need lots and lots of hands. Slather on some sunscreen and help keep your environment beautiful.

Fairs and Festivals | Parks and recreation departments, as well as various clubs and special interest groups, may hold summertime festivals, block parties, or street fairs. Many are meant to promote a certain cause, raise money for a charity, or simply get people interacting together outside. If you know of one coming up, these sorts of events almost always need volunteers to help run games, sit in dunk tanks, or take pictures for social media. Even older kids can help make sure these events run smoothly by helping to run various activities.

Clear out old clothes | Winter is prime time for simply hoarding clothing you may not need anymore, so summer is a great time to go through your wardrobe and see what clothing doesn’t fit, may not be your style anymore, or simply doesn’t catch your eye like it used to. As you transition your wardrobe over, consider which items never saw a day of wear or has been worn too much and seen better days.