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If you’re looking for ways to make a positive impact on your community this spring, there are many ways you can give something back. From volunteering to donating, here are a few things you can do to help the less fortunate.

Donate Old Books

Unless you’re the type who reads the same books over and over, you likely have a supply of old books sitting around. Instead of letting them gather dust, give them to people who will appreciate them as much as you did. Schools, colleges, libraries, and hospitals are just a few places always looking for reading material.

Send Care Packages Overseas

All over the world, we have soldiers serving in our military. They’re far from home and may not hear from family often enough. You can brighten their day with a handwritten letter and some food. Operation Gratitude and Give2TheTroops can tell you what’s permissible to send. It’s recommended that you only sign your first name to the letter, however, as a safety precaution.

Donate Clothes

There are many organizations that need clothes they can pass onto the homeless, poor, or battered women. If you have old clothes that are still in good condition, donate them to a women’s shelter, The Salvation Army, or Goodwill. Someone will be happy to receive those clothes sitting in the back of your closet.

Organize a Sleep Out

This is an event people organize to draw attention to the plight of the homeless in their communities. It involves sleeping outside in public areas, where you can educate the public and accept donations. In many cities, there are restrictions on where you can host a sleep out, so make sure you get permission from an area school, charity, or from the city ahead of time.

Volunteer to Work with Animals

Animal shelters are often looking for volunteers to help them care for the animals. Be sure to ask about the requirements for volunteering, such as age restrictions. This can be an opportunity for you to get some volunteer experience, while also improving the lives of the animals.

Whatever causes touch your heart the most, there are sure to be volunteer opportunities for you to pursue. Check your local organizations and find out more about the volunteering process. Whether you choose to work with the homeless, volunteer at hospitals or hospices, or work on environmental causes, there’s a place waiting for you.