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Retirees: Decrease Your Mortality Rate by 44% in the Next 5 Years with This 1 Thing

The hustle and bustle of working full-time can be extraordinarily exciting, challenging, and uplifting or stressful, draining, and time-wasting.  Usually, there is a combination of all six of those feelings during your full-time working years.  Once you retire though, you cross the finish line of your full-time working years with maybe a party to send […]

Synter Resource Group Benefits of Volunteering

3 Reasons Volunteering Isn’t Just About the Needy; it’s About You, Too

At Synter Resource Group, we are utterly and completely in love with volunteering.  Between working with United Way and The Greater Charleston First Tee Organization to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Adopt-A-Highway, we go big instead of going home.  Because of this, it’s our goal spread the good news of volunteering to as many people […]

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