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As summertime approaches with haste, many companies and businesses offer special perks that allow their employees to take advantage of the weather. Some offer shortened workdays or more flexible work from home time. Others will tap kegs during work hours every so often and host a barbeque on the premises to allow employees to mingle and relax on company time.

Synter Resource Group attends May 12 Charleston Battery Game from Synter Resource Group on Vimeo.

One common and fun way for companies to allow their workers to enjoy the summer is by subsidizing or offering free tickets to local minor league sporting events. From soccer to baseball to hockey, semi-professional sports are big fun for everyone. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a company outing to your local amateur sports arena:

Supporting Local Business: In this day and age, it’s incredibly important to mind where your money goes and whose pockets it’s going into. Minor league sports are usually locally owned and operated, as are the concession stands in the stadium itself. The majority of the money you spend at a minor league game stays in your town and provides jobs and entertainment. Local businesses have to support other local businesses to survive, and bringing your company to a game will do just that.

Building Community: Unlike pro-games where only mega superstars are invited to sing the national anthem and perform at halftime, minor league games are for the local community. Often, small bands, up-and-coming singers, children’s dance groups, boy scouts, and girl scouts will put on events at the arena and perform for the audience. Bringing your employees out to a game like that will enhance the sense of community as they watch the contributions of other members. Who knows? You may also find yourself in the presence of the next great superstar — Taylor Swift used to sing the national anthem before minor-league baseball games in Reading, PA!

Special Event Nights: Minor league sports will often host theme nights that are sponsored by a nonprofit or cause to help raise both money and awareness for a certain charitable organization. For example, local hospitals will host a game that focuses on children with illnesses. Others may do military or law enforcement support nights. Encouraging your company to rally behind a cause while still enjoying a family-friendly night of fun sports and snacks is a great bonding experience.

As your company thinks of ways for employees to savor the summer together, be sure to consider local semi-pro sports games!