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13-18 Synter Resource Group

How Volunteering Gives Adults Meaningful Relationships with Ages 13-18

We’re back with “How Volunteering Gives Adults Meaningful Relationships!” Birth to 12 | In the first section on ages birth to twelve, we discussed how having a child dependent on you in any capacity while volunteering can bring happiness, humility, acceptance, and a sense of purpose to your life. Ages 13-18 | In this section, […]

Synter Resource Group Volunteer Abroad

Why Volunteering Abroad Is Worth Your Time & How You Can Do It Now

Whether you are taking a “staycation,” where you stay at home the entire time you take a vacation or you go abroad, having time to rest is vital to humans’ well being.  If you practice the idea of “rest” often enough, interspersed throughout the chaos that is life, you will find that you energy reserves […]

Birth to 12 Synter Resource Group

How Volunteering Gives Adults Meaningful Relationships with Ages Birth to 12

When thinking about how volunteering can impact your social life as an adult, it’s important to consider how it might affect your relationships with people of all ages. Take a step back with me for a moment to evaluate this idea. How can your experience volunteering impact another person in such a way that it […]

Retirees: Decrease Your Mortality Rate by 44% in the Next 5 Years with This 1 Thing

The hustle and bustle of working full-time can be extraordinarily exciting, challenging, and uplifting or stressful, draining, and time-wasting.  Usually, there is a combination of all six of those feelings during your full-time working years.  Once you retire though, you cross the finish line of your full-time working years with maybe a party to send […]

Synter Resource Group Volunteer Match From Couch To Volunteer In 3 Easy Steps

It’s 6:00AM on a Saturday morning, and your alarm goes off. We know what you’re thinking, “That sounds terrible.”  Maybe you are an early bird, though, and that doesn’t sound too bad.  Regardless, you will probably be quite tired upon waking up that early.  At the thought of cuddling back into your cozy bed, you […]

Synter Resource Group History Definition of Nonprofit Organization

A Brief History and Definition of the USA’s Non-Profit Organization

The idea of the “volunteer” far predates the commonly known organization called the “Nonprofit.”  As widely known as nonprofits are in the twenty-first century, their place of origin only found a firm foundation in the 1970’s.  The IRS, at the realization that laws were needed to regulate the tax code, with respect to mission-driven organizations, […]

Synter Resource Group Get Your Employees to Volunteer

Want Your Employees to Volunteer? Implement this 6-Step Process Now

Companies oftentimes do not focus on the immense opportunity they have to become not only a profit-building entity in their local area, but also a highly-valuable asset to locals with extensive community-value. We at Synter Resource Group recommend that you have someone in charge of employee engagement within the company.  Once that person is in […]

Synter Resource Group Benefits of Volunteering

3 Reasons Volunteering Isn’t Just About the Needy; it’s About You, Too

At Synter Resource Group, we are utterly and completely in love with volunteering.  Between working with United Way and The Greater Charleston First Tee Organization to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Adopt-A-Highway, we go big instead of going home.  Because of this, it’s our goal spread the good news of volunteering to as many people […]

Synter Resource Group Handicaps Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities for People with Handicaps

Have you ever thought to yourself that maybe you want to volunteer, but you have a physical handicap that has kept you from participating in numerous activities? Your thoughts might be that of discouragement and giving up, but saying that volunteers cannot be handicapped is the polar opposite of what is true. There is never […]

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