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Synter Resource Group's Volunteering Blogs

Family Friendly Volunteering

Having an honest discussion with children about the benefits of giving back can profoundly affect their lives, and encourage them to do good in the world wherever they may go.

How Volunteering Is Meaningful For All Ages

While in school, many children are encouraged, and sometimes even required, to spend time volunteering. It is said that volunteering can contribute to educational and occupational development by helping the youth explore their identity and more of the world. However,...

Why Volunteering Is Important During College Years

As school starts up, students work to create a strong routine and good habits. The homework, vigourous studying, and even work hours can make students feel that they have no time for family or friends, least of all, volunteering. However, making two to three hours per...

Volunteer Opportunities for People with Handicaps

Have you ever thought to yourself that maybe you want to volunteer, but you have a physical handicap that has kept you from participating in numerous activities? Your thoughts might be that of discouragement and giving up, but saying that volunteers cannot be...