Encourage Volunteering

Whether volunteering through a nonprofit or your place of employment, any work that you can do will be appreciated.


Family Friendly Volunteering

Having an honest discussion with children about the benefits of giving back can profoundly affect their lives, and encourage them to do good in the world wherever they may go.


How to Plan Employee Volunteer Days

When it comes to doing something special with your employees like a volunteer day, there is a lot that goes into it.

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How to make time to Volunteer

Go into a search engine and type in search criteria related to volunteering.

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Volunteering for your Health

There are many benefits of volunteering for everyone and everything involved including those who are doing the work.

The Importance of Volunteering your Time Synter Resource Group

The Importance of Volunteering Your Time

There are hundreds of volunteer organizations around the world that need your help. Now the question remains: where will you start?

Volunteering For All Ages

How Volunteering Is Meaningful For All Ages

While in school, many children are encouraged, and sometimes even required, to spend time volunteering. It is said that volunteering can contribute to educational and occupational development by helping the youth explore their identity and more of the world. However, the benefits of volunteering throughout the stages of life are not as commonly discussed, even […]

Volunteering During College Years

Why Volunteering Is Important During College Years

As school starts up, students work to create a strong routine and good habits. The homework, vigourous studying, and even work hours can make students feel that they have no time for family or friends, least of all, volunteering. However, making two to three hours per week available for volunteering can make a huge impact […]

Synter Resource Group The Greater Charleston First Tee Organization

Organization Spotlight: The Greater Charleston First Tee Organization

At Synter Resource Group, we love to support local chapters of nonprofit organizations.  We care about our community and love to give back each year. One such organization that our employees have the privilege of working with each year is The Greater Charleston First Tee Organization (GCFTO).  The GCFTO boasts this mission: “To positively impact […]

19-25 Synter Resource Group Adults Meaningful Relationships Through Volunteering

How Volunteering Gives Adults Meaningful Relationships with Ages 19-25

We’re back with “How Volunteering Gives Adults Meaningful Relationships!” In the first section on ages birth to twelve, we discussed how having a child dependent on you in any capacity while volunteering can bring happiness, humility, acceptance, and a sense of purpose to your life. In the second section, we discuss how interacting with children, […]

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